Registration open

Here is the link and instructions for registration. 


1. All Participants must register in the database before they participate in any club related activity. There will be no grace periods this season due to the new online registration. Registrations must take place prior to your first practice.


2. Please use the provided link to register. You will be required to create an account if you have not already used the RAMP Online registration tool for another sport. Once you create your account, please use the Participant registration if you are a player. There will be other specific registrations for Clinics, Staff (Coaches), Officials and Volunteers that may or may not pertain to individuals throughout the season.


3. E-Transfers and Credit Cards will be allowed for registration payment this season. Note that you will be paying for Club, AWPA and WPC fees at the same time and AWPA and WPC only accept credit cards so please have all handy. Also note, there will be a 2.2% service charge taken for Club fees using a credit card.


4. Last season's cards should work to get into the pool initially. For any new members, you will need to let the Customer Service Desk at MNP know you are a new member to Splash and they will let you down. Once on deck, Trina will give you a card for this season. Typically the old cards work until September 30.


5. For those athletes wishing to split their payments please register in the "HALF" package for your preferred times of week. This will allow you to pay only half the fee but take note you will need to re-register in January for the second half of the season.